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Furgee Love Doll

Furgee Love Doll

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Information about item

Item name: Furgee Love Doll

Price: €17.95

Pipedream 3000008970


Bright lights, big cities, dick-sucking lips and big fake titties. Meet Furgee, the filthy-licious hip-hop honey who's had more black eyed peas than a church picnic. Like a fine wine, this washed-up wino gets better with age and can still blow with best of them. Just add air and this sexy rehab reject will smoke your pleasure pole faster than a free meth sack. No need to lineup down to the block just to get what she's got-take her high-ness home today and enjoy every wrinkled inch of her smokin' bod. Tonight's gonna be a great night-grab the Moist and give her the boom boom now.


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